Power For WD1600I032-001

I lost the Power Adapter for my WD Book external hard drive model WD1600I032-001 and so need to know specs for replacement. The WD Support, Power Adapters for WD Products web site article does not list my model.

I see that all of the Book drives take 12 volts DC, and from earlier replies in this WD Community I see that the connector is “center positive”. But I need to know the required current or power for my WD1600I032. This is an old unit, but I’m hoping someone in the community will know the power spec.

This will be much appreciated. …Bob

Hi there,

Have you checked this Knowledgebase article to see if it helps:

Yes, I spent a lot of time searching through that Knowledgebase article. It has no information for a WD1600I032 or WD1600I032-001.

Also, I was unable to make a request to WD Support because this model number was not recognized. Why would this be?
For what it’s worth, the serial number on my unit is [Deleted]. My unit has a single ring on the side that lights up when it is on. I think that it lights up green, but I can’t confirm that now because I can’t power it up.


Those numbers are not your product numbers. This is your product number, WDG1U1600N. You have a My Book Essential. This is the power adapter you need.

All the power adapters are the same for the single drive My Books. There may be exceptions, but you can see the list shown on the link above.

12 Volts
1.5 Amps
18 Watts

Bill: Oooh the mysteries of corporate numbering systems!!!
None of the My Book Essential products shown on the WD Support web page, “Power Adapters for WD Products”, list WDG1U1600N. The one that comes closest is “My Book Essential (Green Ring)” which lists WDG1U1600. The power adapter specs for this one are 12 Volts, 2.0 Amps, and 24 Watts.

WD only offers 18 Watt and 36 Watt adapters, and neither are available at this time. Perhaps I should buy a generic brand 24 Watt adapter – like a Mean Well or an Arndt from Jameco.com.

Thanks. …Bob

A generic 12 volt, 2.0 Amp, center positive adapter should work fine. Just make sure that it’s only 12 volts and the center positive plug is the right size.

Bill: OK. That’s what I’ll buy.
Thanks for your help. …Bob

You are welcome.

I know this is a year later but I want to confirm Bill’s answer of a 12V 2A power supply working…and to clarify I’m enclosing a pic of the WD My Book to make sure it is the same as the OP

Where can one buy this cord?