My external WD Book doesn't work on computer

I do not use my WD since one week. Now I plug it in, my computer cannot recognize it. I don’t hear it spinning. Green circle doesn’t stay on (on/off intermittently), green LED on adapter neither. I think the adapter is OK, because when I plug out the WD from DC power supply, green sign on the adapter stays on. What happens to my WD? Please help.

What is the model number of your drive? There are several WD models that when the power supply of the device is faulty, behave the way that you are describing.

MDL: WD3200C032-002

Thats a really old drive - like 4 generations back. Its possible its failed just based on old age. Does it do the same thing when plugged into another computer?

Ok, this is a bad power supply, as I stated before, this is a feature, implemented by WD, to recognize when the issue is with the power supply.

You might be able to buy a new power supply from WD.

OK, I just try

Please help, can I buy power adapter in WD website? I 'm not sure if this 24W adapter is not for my WD model.

I have new adapter, but it doesn’t work with. I do not how to retake my data in this WD

Hi npham

can you please post your drive’s model number?

I posted it above



Your drive is a My Book Essential (Green Ring).

As per link below:

Your power adapter specs are:

12 Volts
3.0 Amps
24 Watts

You can buy this power adapter from the link below:

Hope it helps.

The problem is that hard drive doesn’t work anymore, when I plug new adapter in, I even smell something burned inside.