Power adapter for mybook


I’ve had a mybook USB drive for several years now.

WD P/N: WD5000H1U-00

S/N: [Deleted]

I unplugged my power adapter a few days ago,
and now I cannot get it to plug back in.

I don’t know what happened. (Perhaps it was warped in some way?)

It seems as if the plug will not slip over the center pin within the socket of

USB drive. (I cannot say for sure.)

I recently purchased a new MyBook (1TB).

I can plug the power adapter for that into the older MyBook.

I cannot plug the old power adapter into the new (1TB) MyBook.

I am considering the purchase of a new power adapter.

I see this model online

KSAS0241200150HU Ktec 12V AC Power Adapter

The old power adapter, however, is this model:

Ktec KSAS0241200200HU AC Adapter

Is the first one mentioned (KSAS0241200150HU)
compatible, or do I need the second one
(KSAS0241200200HU) specifically?



If looking for a compatible adapter this is your guide


as long as you have similar specs there will be no problem


I’ve seen that page. I’m not sure as to which mybook I have, which is why I am asking specifically

as to whether or not the particular power adapter I’ve mentioned in my OP will work, given the

P/N that I gave in that post.

The KSAS0241200200HU AC Adapter is 12V 2.0A

 and the KSAS0241200150HU is 18W 12V 1.5A.


Ktec KSAS0241200150HU
18W 12V 1.5A 120-240V 50-60Hz AC Adapter.
Used by Western Digital Media Players,
My Book, Elements, DVR Expander, Seagate
external devices, and other devices that
meet requirements listed. WD PN:WDPS037RNN


Original Ktec KSAS0241200200HU AC Adapter


  • Intelligent chip inside
  • Complete OVP, OCP, SCP Output Protection:
  • OVP: Over Voltage output Protection
  • OCP: Over Current output Protection
  • SCP: Short Circuit output Protection
  • High efficiency and low power consumption


INPUT: 100-240V~,50/60Hz, 0.6A
OUTPUT: 12V ~ 2.0A,
Connecter size: Int. Diameter: 2.10mm
Ext. Diameter: 5.50mm

Dimensions: 118 x 53 x 35 mm

Thanks for the response.

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Yes, the adapter should work with the unit

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