PLEX in WD TV live

I have connected a WD externe HDD to USB at my WD TV live. It works fine. But I miss more film information and plot for the films. It seems to be impossible to get this information from the net.
A solution is to integrate Plex app to WD TV live. I see Roku has this app. And many people prefer Roku before WD TV live because of the missing Plex app. Plex is a brilliant app.
Can you try to fix this for us customers of WD TV live. It will be a big + for WD TV live. A problem for me is that I can not buy Roku in Europe and Norway, not yet. I suppose it would minimal problem to integrate Plex in next firmware update.
Regards Kjell Mersland, Norway

It may have a Plex app, but you will find you would have lots of movie information on movies that can’t play.

The playback limitations are far greater than on a WD Hub.

What movie information do you need ?

If you are not happy with the built in scraper, use one of the Themes and you can get various Moviesheets with all thinfo you could ever need.

I have seen so many commence of what Plex can offer of information from many forums on internet. And I am sure no other can offer this possibilities. Is it difficult to integrate Plex in WD TV live? Hope you can fix this in next firmware update.

Hi, I have bought license on MovieSheets + for WD TV live. I have tried to install it, but people need to be educated as scientist. I hope and pray you can integrate Plex in your next firmware update. Please. Hope on a positive answer !

No offense, but after trying Plex myself a couple of months ago – it **bleep**.

If your problem is Metadata then you need to be meticulous on how you name your movies and TV shows. The scraper source used on the Hub is so-so and I don’t personally use it.

I would advise you to try WDTVHubGen and the TVDB XML Fetcher … both are stickied on the general forum. They are fairly simple to use and you have more flexibility with picking things such as your cover art.

You will also find out why the Hub may be failing to get the Metadata automatically. It doesnt give you any real detail on a failed search other than missing information and keying in the name of a movie or show using the remote is a exercise in futility.

Plex is an on the fly transcoder and not a very good one at that. However, it does have more options for metadata. These are two completely different types of media players. With the Hub there is no real point in using Plex at all. Plex does not support anywhere near the amount of media formats as the Hub.

Moviesheets/linksheets and the like are for advanced users - I would recommend getting used to the 2 programs I listed above first before attempting to mess with that.

When you outgrow the Hub you’ll probably want to look into a HTPC running XBMC or something similar.