Unable to get movie meta data on network drive

I used to have an external USB drive hooked directly to my WD LIve Media Player.  worked fine, I was able to add a movie, then select options, and Get Movie Info.  Which allowed me to grab the movie poster/description and those would be seen when I selected movie directories.

I have since removed the external, and plugged that directly into my home network and PC. 

I now access that drive via the network, I see the movies just fine… when I add a new movie, I can access it via the WD Live, however, when I click the options button, instead of Get movie info, it says “Movie info from Flickster” and while I can SEE the info, it doesn’t load the meta data into the system, so I can have the movie poster, or movie info in my directory.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

In order to get and store info, the share must be added to your Media Library, and your content source must be set to My Media Library.

Ok, I added the share, it still sees the file folders and the movies, however “Lookup info from Flixter” is still the only option.

and it did a pretty lengthy compile movies

…and you set your content source to My Media Library (red button). If so, then I have no idea why you’d have no other options.

still only allowing Lookup info from Flixter.


Please take and post two screenshots.

1- immediately before you press OPTIONS
2- immediately after.

I have also noticed that since I switched the drive to the main network and not directly connected to the Device, the A (Green) button is missing.

Why did you blur out the header of the first image?

It is just my name… the name of my home PC.  Preferred to keep it anonymous. No other reason.

The you did NOT follow my instructions. If it has your PC name, then your content source is NOT set to My Media Library as I mentioned in posts 2 and 5.

I selected the Content source… and these are my 4 options.

Local storage (there is none)

Media Server (there is none)

Network Share  (that is where I found my windows share and file directory)

and Online service (there is none)

where do I find.   MY MEDIA LIBRARY?

i went into MEDIA LIBRARY MANGER   From Setup and it took me to the file directory of the network again

From within the Media Library Manager, did you do the “Add network share to media library” task?

Yes, I did that… (I have done it twice) and it did a full compile of Media LIbrary (twice)

apparently at one point, I had added too many folders.    Then deleted, reset, added AGAIN…   (I am actually pretty technically savy, but this silly thing is frustrating me, it was working fine until I switched it)

Please be patient with me.  I really appreciate your help.

Anyway… even after the compile, it still had the name of my computer on the top

If its the same as the SMP I found you must shut down your WDTV completely, not just put it into standby. That is hold the shut down button for 5 seconds.

TheGlenOfDoom wrote:

Yes, I did that… (I have done it twice) and it did a full compile of Media LIbrary (twice)…

Go back into the Media Library Manager.   Highlight each member share and press “OK” on the remote.

Is the status of all of them “Ready?”

If so, then I’ve got no clue why you can’t set the content source to My Media Library.

Ok,  So I go to Media Library Manger for Network share

Inside that is Add network share to media library (Which I did)

then I click Windows share

the only option is my PC Name. 

I click that and it shows the folders being shared

and my movie folder.

I do not see where there is a list of the member shares that show “OK”   

what am I missing?

I shut down the machine holding power for 5 seconds… was that correct?

this may be one of the problems in the manual it shows this window


THAT TOP LINE is not one of my options!!!     I have nothing that shows “MY MEDIA LIBRARY”