Playing video files bigger than 4 GB on amazon fire tvs

  1. Use an external drive no larger than 2 TB
    2 convert drive to Fat 32 using the TV. It will ask if you want to.
  2. Use Minitool to shrink your large video file to smaller than 4 GB MKV or MP4. Minitool allows batch processing for several movies in sequence.
  3. Load them onto the 2 tb drive. TV will recognize them through Medial Player

Or just buy a device that supports external drives over 2TB and NTFS which has no 4GB file size limitation.

Without having to resort to spending countless hours/days/weeks re-encoding all your movies and reducing their video and audio quality to fit on an restrictive file system.

Heck, even the old WD TV Media Players from 10 Years ago supported external drives over 2TB and NTFS file system for files up to and over 4GB.