Convert 4TB MyPassport to Fat32?

My Vizio TV does not recognize my 4TB external (MyPassport for PC). It’s not a matter of the files playing, the TV literally does not recognize that a device has been plugged in. I’m guessing it’s because it’s formatted to ExFat instead of Fat32. Fat32 does not seem to be a formatting option in file manager. I’ve been reading online, and some forums suggest that because the disk is larger than 2TB, I need to download software to create 2 partitions in the disk and then convert each to Fat32. I’m not much of a tech person so I was wondering if someone could either explain this in layman’s terms or suggest an easier solution. Happy holidays and thanks in advance!

File System Type is only one piece of the puzzle … you also have to know what Hard Drive Partition Table your TV supports as well as the Maximum Capacity it supports.

Almost all TV’s will support MBR (Master Boot Record which has a 2TB Max Size limitation)

GPT (GUID Partition Table) which is used for Large Hard Drives over 2TB

Your 4TB External will be factory partitioned GPT.

Recent 1TB and 2TB Passport drives are GPT partitioned. I think this is industry standard now. I ended up purchasing a large capacity flash drive for my set top box.

and you’ll have no problems converting 1TB./2TB drives to MBR

i did so recently without any issues using them for my PlayStation 3 (2006)

They should work fine with an older/newer STB after converting to MBR and you’ll have a lot more recording space for a lot cheaper than a flash drive.