Playing back all files

My WD TV player has stopped recognizing files except .AVI

Before I could play almost any file. Any ideas on how to take care of this problem>



Hi Bert,

Error" Unable to play the selected file."

The majority of time when this message occurs it means that you are attempting to play unsupported media. It may also occur if the file your are trying to play has become corrupted

To overcome this problem you can see this link-

As well as you can see this link for more troubleshooting steps and information.

try a Factory Reset either via the Reset Hole on the player or via the UI

I have found depending if you arent indeed attempting to play some unsupported file type or codec that sometimes simply restarting the unit fixes that error for me on my player.


  I have tried that and still does not play anything but  ".avi"


  Be well,