Photo Folder Slideshow Screen Saver Does NOT work while video is paused

I have the “Photo Folder Slideshow” as my Screen Saver, it displays 400+ photos off a USB Flash drive. This screen saver does NOT come on when a video is paused.

Instead, the WD Logo screen saver comes on. (as a default?)

The settings under Appearance still say the screen saver is “Photo Folder Slideshow”, and if I am doing anything else (Photos, Music, browsing for files, etc), it still works. I only get the WD Logo screen saver when a video is paused.

This issue has been known since 2011, from this thread:

(I tried to add my own reply to this old thread, but the “Reply” button was disabled on the WD Community.)

It is now 2014, and I have the most recent firmware 2.02.32 (Released Aug 11, 2014), but this problem/bug still exists. Please fix in next firmware version. Thanks.

My unit is a Western Digital WD TV Live Media Player (Model: WDBGXT0000NBK)

Hi AbdulNayefMuqab, we have passed this along to support.