Screensaver stops audio playing after 2.07.17 upgrade


Just wondering if anyone else has had a similar issue. I had the usual issues trying to update over wifi but finally got 2.07.17 installed by downgrading and then upgrading via USB.

Seemed to be working OK but then I noticed that any audio playing (Deezer, TuneIn, Shoutcast etc) stops as soon as the screensaver kicks in.

I really like the addition of Shoutcast but will probably be forced to downgrade as the wife likes to have a slideshow of photos playing while listening to music.

I have the same problem, ie screensaver stops music playing.

Same over here, screensaver stops radio

Someone else mentioned a workaround:   Set the screensaver mode to WD LOGO instead of Photos.  Give that a try.

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Same here. After recent update whatever I play stops when the screensaver kicks in.  I like to have the pictures in the background instead of logo :cry:


I rolled back and all is working as it was before. I’ll wait until the WD boffins get these “bugs” fixed before any further upgrades to firmware.

I understand I am in the minorrity, but my main use of the WD is playing music whilst photos display on TV.

I’ve just bought mine this week and upgraded the firmware as prompted.

Yep, the screen saver terminates any music playing. It really would be good to have the random pictures and the music - why else would you play your music through a TV?

TonyPh12345 wrote:

Someone else mentioned a workaround:   Set the screensaver mode to WD LOGO instead of Photos.  Give that a try.

roll back FW

Set screensaver to WD Logo work form me, I hope the nex release will fix that problem, please WD stop adding feature and think of fix and improve the basic one.

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I have never had ANY good behaviour from the HUB unless I use no screen saver but the WD logo one… and it **bleep**! 


Setting “photo Slideshow” as my Screensaver

allows photo to come on as screensaver when

no additional action is intervention.

setup > appearance > Screensaver Style > ** Photo Slideshow


When I select music to play in in a folder from internal,

external or other media as soon as the photo screen saver

activates the music stops?

is the photo screensaver acting as a “true screensaver”

or an “Alternate application” causing the music to stop?

look forward to solution.

Note: screensaver and music work fine with WDLogo screensaver