Phone does not connect to passport wireless wifi

My passport wireless drive works fine with my PC but despite help from the WD helpdesk we cannot get it to work using the my cloud app via my android 6 phone as the phone will not connect to the wifi. I have also tried connecting using the phone browsers to the dashboard but this also does not work. Any suggestions?

Hi, what did you tried with support? If we don’t know this, we might advise you to do something that you have already tried.

Tried everything with the WD support team I think. Full reset, deleted and reinstalled My Cloud on phone. Checked all settings via dashboard on PC. Conclusion is maybe an issue with my phone settings although all other WiFi systems connect fine so phone manufacturer ( Motorola) is now also investigating. My WD support case ref is [Deleted - privacy].



It very well could be your phone. Is it made by Samsung?

Can you connect the wireless signal of PC to the MPW wireless signal? (meaning NOT a direct USB connection.) Could you set up the MPW this way?

If so, you have tested the wireless connection of the MPW and it works. All that remains is the phone wireless connection that does not work. Have you tried connecting other phones to the MPW? (e.g. other Android phones, or Apple phones?)

Do you have a tablet, and can it connect to MPW?

No, not a Samsung but a Motorola

OK, Motorola. Now, how about answering all the other questions I asked you if you want further help. Trying to narrow the issue down for you.

Apologies, the rest of my answers are:

I can connect the wireless signal of PC to MPW wireless

I have tried another Android phone and it worked first time but then not again. I am unaware of any settings being changed. No other phone to try.

No tablet but I have a laptop that does connect ok.

Pretty obvious. It is your particular phone that is the problem.

My phone company has responded to say that their phones are not compatible with MPW. I am surprised at this as it is a major company (Motorola). The list of compatible phones they provided for me seems small, not a good advert for the MPW? I can't believe the MPW support team spent so much time with me trying to resolve the issue but never mentioned or considered compatibility.


As a very early adopter if the MPW, I have read most every forum post about them over the past few years since the product was released. Although I said I thought I had read a post about issues with particular phone brands having issues, I found out by a search here that I was wrong. Your phone is the FIRST phone to have an issue like this. iOS (Apple phones and Pads) do not have any issues connecting to the MPW, along with many brands of Android phones as well as other PC’s and devices I have connected to MPW.

For your phone company to admit their phone is not compatible with MPW surprises me; this admission could just be a cop-out on their part, because they really don’t want to get to the bottom of the problem (or replace your phone)… I also would suspect their list of compatible phones is pretty bad – they are in the business of selling their phones and not testing other phones with MPW. If anyone does this, I would think WD does so. You should check with them if you want a compatible phone list, although I would guess ANY other phone would do better than yours does.

Another test: Since your PC can access the MPW and the Dashboard. I suggest you connect the wireless MPW signal to your home network signal (i.e. a concurrent connection) so you can then connect your current phone (or any) to the network Wi-Fi and access your MPW that way. Connecting the MPW this way also gives you a lot of range for the MPW (if MPW is close enough to the router) and (concurrent) internet access for phone, too.
Good luck with this.

Thanks, the WD MPW support team are investigating.