Petition to change the firmware to the classic WD My Cloud


YES change the firmware to WD Mycloud


From all of the posts its clear that consumer’s basic expectation from a storage unit connected to a network is;

  1. Ability to access the files and folders on the device from local network and customize/edit them (not through your app or WD website),
  2. Ability to stream the media in a local network (not through your app or WD website),
  3. Ability to reach the media over internet (not through your app and WD website),
  4. Ability to read/write content on a USB drive for expansion and backup purposes.

These are the reasons why we pay for a product like this. This is the voice of customer… I can’t even think about a network storage device not having these functions, because these are the primary reasons to have a network storage. No one thought WD can miss that crucial point, but missed already, this is why people complain everyday in this platform.

It is very disappointing that WD is ignoring the customers…

If it is the ‘‘design’’, then this device is an engineering failure… Someone should put this on a documentary…


YES change the firmware to WD Mycloud The inability to back up the NAS to a USB storage device is absolutely ludicrous


YES change the firmware to WD Mycloud. The fact that I cannot access my data locally if the servers are down or WD MyCloud cannot resolve DNS for whatever reason is ridiculous. (Look at what happened recently on the forums lately when the outage in Eastern regions occurred, is that normal to you???)


I just bought Mycloud Home for 5 days (the first 3 days experienced their proxy server issue which the device was not usable… Until WD fixed the problem yesterday).
I bought “MyCloud Home” instead of “MyCloud” because of the comparison WD webpage, it made confused me that MyCloud Home is an upgrade of MyCloud that sold for several years already.

With it works (starting yesterday) now, it’s TimeMachine backup capability works fine. But other features, specially the Android Mobile app (may be same for iOS) seems so limited… I can only manage photos and videos, if I want to upload other types of files, I need to use the Web App version in my Mobile phones browser…

WD should enhance the Apps.


YES change the firmware to WD Mycloud .
Having several notebooks in my house from different family members, MCH only provides public SMB (guest/guest) for backup software to use. I doubt I can use MCH as a backup device for my family…