Petition to change the firmware to the classic WD My Cloud


YES change the firmware to WD Mycloud


YES change the firmware to WD Mycloud


I would love that. This would be enough reason for me to keep this My Cloud Home and not return it.


PLEASE CHANGE THE FIRMWARE, the current MCH software is horrible.


YES change the firmware to WD Mycloud


YES change the firmware to WD Mycloud!!

I shot a white brick!! This is an expensive cloud subscription!
I’ll be happy to send this anchovy back if they don’t change it…


I agree. I have so many issues with this product I don’t know where to start.


YES change the firmware to WD Mycloud


YES change the firmware to WD Mycloud

Ps: Had someone noticed that a simple feature as sleep (HD spin down) is also not implemented :frowning:
I had a big discount on the 12TB version, so I will probably buy a Sinology or qnap and put the two 6TB drives into a proper NAS.
I’m a home user, but the lack of sleep was the last drop for me(it is too noisy in a small apartment during night).


YES change the firmware to WD Mycloud

I have several MyCloud and they are far more usable than the “new-generation” MyCloud Home devices.

Please WD, take our petition into account.


YES change the firmware to WD Mycloud


Wd will lose the HOSO NAS marketing, it is a fact.

I have WD NAS and WD TV at home for more than 10 years, using the first NAS (My Book Live) some years late I get a WD EX2 (the best NAS model) and after that a My Cloud. All working perfect until now.
The problem was when a decided to buy a “new” and “improved” My Cloud Home. It looks modern and has a nice design, but it is useless for who has the older models.
So, I decided to sell my new My Cloud Home and just included a USB drive in my old WD EX2 to get extra capacity.

Why WD did this downgrade? why, why, why…


Received the canned response from WD to a review I posted on amazon:

“Please note that this unit is not intended to be used as a typical Network Attached Storage. This is designed for home users, and does not require much technical knowledge to setup and use.”

This is absurd. Basically Western Digital is saying “Home users and the non-technically inclined are too dumb to understand why backups of network storage are necessary, and this is the product we designed with that in mind”.

What WD fails to understand is because the Home Duo ($263 for the 4TB on Amazon as of this writing) roughly costs $46 less than the EX2 ($309 for the 4TB as of this writing) it is an attractive option to the tech savvy as well (on paper anyway). However, if it was clearly advertised as having no way to backup the device (not to usb, not to the cloud…hell you can’t even map the device as a drive without WD’s proprietary app) we would have run in the opposite direction and never considered buying this MyBook with a NIC! That this information was obscured intentionally in the marketing material, is the primary reason this forum, amazon reviews, Newegg reviews and Youtube comments have exploded railing against this product. Use deceptive marketing on one of your products and it sews questions about the rest of your product line as well.

I’m right now in the process of returning the MyCloud Home Duo unit we purchased for a home client. I would have never suggested this device had I known the extent to which WD hamstrung the device As a NAS device, this thing shouldn’t even exist; NO NAS SHOULD EVER LACK A BACKUP OPTION!

A minimal improvement would be to offer a basic way to re-enable the local web interface (it’s in there WD, we can see it!) and offer a basic cloud backup option like Elephant Drive for backup, and a USB drive Backup. Hell, even if WD made no changes other than add paid cloud backup through their own app and cloud interface…I’d accept that. The differentiation between home and business should be user accounts and permissions. Not backups. Further, WD’s response to situation has poisoned my opinion of their NAS devices across their product range.


i successfully convinced someone in Saturn shop to buy synology instead of WD My Cloud Home :smiley: he intended to buy my cloud home but I explained him such a ■■■■ is this device and he bought a synology ds118 instead :smile: I feel proud of myself


How dare you convince someone to buy a far better and feature rich product like the synology DS118… than the mediocre product like wd my cloud home :rofl:

Serious wd you need to start making something of this mycloud home device from the amount of issues users are experiencing and at least respond in this forum… or just pull the plug and accept it’s a failed product line and start again :man_facepalming:

Also wd if you could make some bigger type of media storage nas but for plex only fans like me that would be fabulous… since you and plex have some form of business relationship due to offering “free” hw transcoding with your PR / Home range devices without the need for a plex pass :+1:


@WD_Admin seems like people have spoken. I plan on returning my 12TB, i’ve only had it running 3 hours it’s louder than my PC and requires an additional app to even become detectable in Windows10. shame you’ve fallen so far.


YES change the firmware to WD Mycloud