Petition to change the firmware to the classic WD My Cloud


More than Agree!
I think changing the firmware to old traditional Wd mycloud is not an option, it’s a recommandation!


@WD_Admin did you read this topic? because WD team are ignoring us as I see


There are currently no plans to change the core functionality of the My Cloud Home product. This product is designed for family use in a home environment and is not intended to be used as a professional level device. If you are looking for additional functionality I would suggest looking at the EX or PR series NAS products.


I’ll never looking at the any WD product
thanks for your answer


WD are very aware of the confusion and they don’t want to acknowledge it. The way it is advertised shares A LOT of aspects and features that are in common with a regular NAS, but also with the legacy MyCloud line of products. I bought a MCH thanks to a good deal online, but also because after I bought a MyCloud for my family, I thought I was buying an upgraded, more powerful version, as I am more of a power user. I was very hyped for it that I thought I would find the same apps as the MC lineup, I thought it would allow me to fiddle around and expand my knowledge about SSH, hosting a local host linux like server (with phpMyAmdin app for exemple which is not available sadly), automation, basic networking knowledge, actually increase the size of my drive for future backups, unify in one unit backup solutions for both my Hackingtosh, Macbook pro, Linux and Windows machines, and to centralize my bunch of USB drives that I use for backups all in one place. I simply don’t understand the need to strip most of the very useful functions from this drive or whatever they call it, since the MyCloud product both have the regular NAS features but also the “Personal Cloud” side of things.

The major thing I am disappointed in however is the performance. I just cannot backup any of my data in a reasonable amount of time (I have ~4 TB to transfer, I thought I could do it in 3-4 days but it already took me 3 hours just to transfer a snapshot of an image of about 3GB, this is just unacceptable). I don’t have extremely fast internet but it is good enough (120/20) but this shouldn’t even be a concern since every ethernet cable is connected via a gigabit interface/device.

It is just sad at this point because this device pack a fairly powerful hardware. Not sure if I should return it or start seeking solution to hack it and install another linux based OS on it.

So I am very much for this petition to offer this device but with the very rich and sufficient OS3.


Then at this point, the cost would be way over for what you pay for a DAS/NAS just for home use. A lot of users here want more advanced features and more advanced functionality, more control of your data, without necessarily having a professional/business environment.
Can you explain to my why your social media/community pages advertises this product for professional photographers/designers as a reliable backup solution?
Why is it that in most common stores, the MCH replaced most of the MyCloud devices if they are different devices? Why does most sales rep (as much online than in store), review/portray this as a NAS or another iteration/better version of MyCloud? Why not use a proper name for the legacy lineup of devices, in order to reduce the confusion?

Of course I cannot speak on everyone behalf but am pretty sure that this device will not properly fit every use case of content creators, especially when they have to deal with large files, considering the poor performance and flexibility of this device.

I understand that you may want to start a different vision about people manage their data, but there is also some fundamental aspects, from within the culture, previous experiences that people will keep in mind and so make assumptions, thus creating expectations when they purchase an electronic device.

The only thing that I see about MCH is that by offering the client to have the drives at home, you outsource a huge part of the work and maintenance by not dealing with as much as large capacity drives you would need otherwise (technicians, data centers, etc…), and it allows you to cut out huge maintenance cost, so that you can indeed offer larger capacity at a slightly lower cost, invest more money on the software, hold a bunch of user data at little expanse, and make more profit.

But lesson is learned, next time I will simply buy a Synology drive, or start to customize the firmware myself.


That’s a cop out You are missing the point that WD are selling this as an updated My Cloud but it’s patently NOT. No DLNA, PLex that keeps dropping out, utilities in the way People are not asking for advanced features just an update to what was a reasonable product in the first place. No more WD products for me


I honestly believe I was lied to when sold the product. I needed a new NAS urgently because my venerable nSLUG was dying. The salesman told me I could do all the same things from the (as I now discover non existent) dashboard). Plex is a POS, why can’t i install a different software? Where is transmission? Where is SSH? Where is the internal web server? Where is the CHOICE?

All-in-all, not fit for purpose, a very bad purchase decision, one I regret deeply, and if anyone from WD is listening or cares, one I shall never make again.


It’s like a 4TB of dropbox hosted on slow home network.
How ever being to limited makes me wanna sell it so quickly. I am amazed how noone created custom firmware for this device, and how WD are avoiding the pleas from the users for better and more similar to regular WD cloud device.


That’s what I find really strange. Why WD is not even considering to make some changes after the feedback of most of the users. We have a good piece of hardware and I believe some of the requests are perfectly doable. Why are they simply ignoring us?


Hi everybody

I started this thread because I bought this product tricked by the manufacturer’s advertising and wanted a viable solution to continue using it.

I admit that I buy it only for being a cheap product, placing my trust in the WD brand. It was a mistake.

A few days ago the front light began to flash rapidly. It is not a conexion problem as the disastrous support says. It’s broken, all the solutions of pressing a back button do not work.

It is not worth claiming anything that I have lost to WD, it is my fault to have used it as backup of work documents. Also, I never fully trusted the device. The most important things were also in another old hard drive that I wanted to replace with this one. But obviously I have lost work that I will have to do again.
I would love to denounce WD for the time lost in this product that in addition to cheating me with its specifications and the one that only lasted a month of life. I will invest my last effords and money on a technical service to try to get some archives from it.

Maybe you’ll say I can send it to fix? but with working documents inside it is best to admit my mistake and break it for safety after recovery several archives.

I just want to convey to WD employees my frustration with the purchase of this product, the hours lost in it and the unexpected end. There is nothing that pays the valiant effort that I have invested in this device.

I have a final petition I had see the device on discount offer at my local store. Please stop, this forum is full of people who show the innumerable failures, do not waste other people’s time.

I know that it is not worth saying this, but I don’t think that I will buy another product of yours, even if it is from a more reliable professional range. And of course I do not think I recommend anyone to buy anything in the future from WD.

I’m sorry if my words are not the most educated, mit’s the frustration that speaks.

Best Regards


Many people read the petition.
Just read!
Sign this petition for WD to act.
The more we will be, the faster WD will act.

Simply say:

YES change the firmware to WD Mycloud


WD have already stuck their head in the sand and stated that they have no intention of really listening and acting on their customers issues.

“_There are currently no plans to change the core functionality of the My Cloud Home product. This product is designed for family use in a home environment and is not intended to be used as a professional level device. If you are looking for additional functionality I would suggest looking at the EX or PR series NAS products.”

Many of us would consider this to be a an insult on our intelligence, a kick in the face and a truly deplorable way in which to treat customers, and the only way to react, if WD fail to take any action is to simply never buy from WD again and tell as many people as you know to do likewise.


I can not wait anymore.
I installed ENTWARE on the disk:

SSH, mediatomb (DLNA).
I added samba shares: smb

The ntfs does not work.
I have not tested the FTP but it should work.

The package opkg list : in attachmentopkglist_jal.txt (329,1 Ko)


Will this work on MyCloud Home DUO too?


I think so.
The system must be identical.
Nothing is deleted on the configuration, it’s more of an addition


I’ll give it a try anyway, I can’t deal with the slow transfer speeds of this stupid brick anymore. The only concern I have is I use this setup in JBOD configuration (instead of the default RAID) and I believe it is software managed. I have no way to tell which file/folder is on what drive since, unlike MyCloud Mirror/EX2, the drive still appear as one unit instead of 2 separate drives in the OS.

I have so little trust right now in this device that I still keep a copy of the data I have on a bunch of drives that I wanted to unify onto the same box, which is the MCHD (I still have off-site backups however)…


I am in the same situation.
I find this case so useless that I have no use.
That’s why I installed ENTWARE.
My data is on my old wd my cloud (not HOME).


For people interested in ENTWARE, I created a post here:

I am not an expert, but if I can help.


YES change the firmware to WD Mycloud