Petition to change the firmware to the classic WD My Cloud


I have been using My Home Cloud about two weeks and I have readed all complaints of this forum.

Maybe WD could admit that change linux for android core it wasn’t the best option for this good product and release a new firmware more like the traditional My Cloud.
We could use Nextcloud and other apps with this “Pseudo NAS”

My apologies but I don’t know if I continue to use this product or throw it in the trash.

Anyway I think that wd is in time to fix the functionality of the product, it have enough ram and cpu to move other OS. (like Raspberry do).

Best Regards.

Pd: Only to make a little market research with the owners of the product:
How many of you would you want a firmware change in My Cloud Home more likely to other actual WD products?


OS3 seems a lot more agile indeed.


An option for custom firmware is needed, and I agree like the traditional My Cloud. There are couple issues for me.

  1. I need the usb for import and export of the data.
  2. Network management (ip, subnet, gateway and DNS management)
  3. SSH, FTP, Samba.

A lot needs to be changed. So please allow us to install custom firmware so we can make the things by ourselfs.


I had a post a couple of weeks ago complaining on the same matter.

I don´t find the performance all that bad, but functionality wise it´s just straight garbage, a worthless piece of design.

Having such a simple interface is great for home users, but we should be able to have an advanced mode so we can at least run it like other NAS systems.

On my old by book live i didn´t find the need to use a custom firmware, it was enough for me.

With this one I simply regret buying it, as i don´t have the knowledge and patience to make it work decently.


Feel free to get the GPL package and start building…
MCH uses android, so OS3 will simply not happen unless you do it yourself.


I agree, 2 different products - 2 different uses. Only mistake WD did was market this as NAS.


MCH is designed to be a true cloud device for standard households, with security as a top priority.
Apps are lacking but I’m sure that they’re working on improvements.

OS3 works fine in a private network, but I’d not recommend to connect it to the public internet. It seems to me that OS3 development is now in maintenance mode: no new features, only a few critical security bug fixes (and GDPR :slight_smile:).

MCH will get support and updates for years to come. OS3 is nearly dead.


I do get that this is intended for home use, but it doesn´t cover the simplest of the use cases.

My use case is simple: We are in 3 users at home. All I wanted is user shares and a Public folder for all of us, with videos, movies, series, music, etc.

What I don´t get is why don´t they give us the option for “Easy” and “Advanced” modes. It is a better hardware, but a much worse interface, I just don´t get it.


I agree, and they need to remove the need of internet for using the device. Without internet the device is not usable.


was so happy with the first WD MyCloud model that I bought this model WD MyCloud Home.
She’s disappointed when I plugged her in.
Obligation to install the software WD Discovery, no NFS, no control, minimalist interface.

The first thing I wanted to do after plugging in was unplugging it and bringing it to the store.

when the disk of my WD Mycloud loses, I take the disk of WD My Cloud home to put it inside.
2 GB against 6 GB it is worth dismounting.

The worst purchase of my life, I’m ashamed!

Sorry for my english: google translation.


Hi everybody

1- To summarize what I see is that the android platform is the future, but compared to OS3 is in a very early stage.
2- We all bought this product thinking it was a NAS, because WD said it is a NAS and obviously it is not. I consider it misleading advertising.
3- A question for WD staff. Do you have in your development plan add NAS functions? Is it possible with the hardware and system that that the product has right now?

As you can see the current state of the product is a bit frustrating. Maybe you could you give us some explanations about if this will be a NAS or we need other product.



If a nice hacker hangs on the forum.

Please, can you take out a firmware with a linux distribution.

An apache server, bind, nfs, samba, ssh, sftp, ftp, Twonky, Rights, etc …

An alternative solution, would be welcome.

And especially a distribution that must not be connected to the internet 24h / 24h.
If the wdmycloud site is hacked we do not expose our data.


I agree. I’m SOOO dissappointed that this doesn’t include a public share folder. And they never talked properly about the different functions. I’m thinking about returning this.



Could some of the @WD_MCH answer our questions about the short-term future of this product?



if i can get a torrent app to run on it then YES PLEASE!


I did this in another topic but probably this is the best place to do it.

A lot of users reported (most of the comments related to MCH ?? ) some issues and non-available funtionalities that would make My Cloud Home much more interesting.

My question is: Is WD taking in consideration all of this requests/suggestions ? Can we expect to have some of the basic features we requested to be available in the future ?



You would think that if they were they might post some sort of acknowledgment but regrettably WD remain silent


I agree !!! Too limited


I agree! I need a NAS, but WD MY Cloud Home is not a NAS


I get the point of the My Cloud Home for the average home user. However, I am fairly tech-savvy and I did buy this thinking the interface and functionality was like OS3 which I helped several family members setup. I’m disappointed there isn’t an Easy / Advanced interface that allows for more functionality and definitely would request that.