Password lost on WD my passport ultra

Hallo , I must install a new W10 on my workstation… now the “new” W10 machine ask me the password.
I don’t remeber to setup one in old machine and now -i’ not able to open my passport ultra. How can I solve the problem?
Please don’t replay me to erase all. it is my backup unit…

please help me.

Please get in touch with the WD Support.

@Joerg_A is correct. Asking this question here on how to bypass or reset the password is incorrect. You have to contact WD support for assistance. I understand the issue you have got.

Thing is, if I had a password protected drive and it was public knowledge how to bypass or disable the password then what would be the point in password protecting a drive?

I dont think there is a way to actually bypass it

I also forgot my WD password.Please help me to open it.Please …!!

It’ll be designed where without you knowing the password then you can’t get at the data… You can always call Western Digital Support.