Where is the password? Need a step by step help

Hello All,
I’ve bought a WD MyPassport Ultra 1TB and I’ve been trying to unlock it.
It’s asking me for a password, but I was never asked or had the opportunity to set up one. Hint is candy.

Can someone teach me how to overcome this in a step by step for a dummy user starting from plugin in the device to my pc (windows 7). In fact I don’t want any password, never.


You bought it new? If so, it should not have a password on it, let alone a HINT for a password…

Thanks. It’s new but it does not allow me pass this step… It asks for a password. That’s the problem.

Sorry, don’t know how to help. There’s no password set by default. Suggest you call WD Support.

Yes. I did that. Waiting for a response. Thanks a lot!