Passport issue, not syncing,always wants to update

I have a couple issues that may be related.  I am running windows 7 and just bought passport essiential se.  When I plug in the drive and open the smartware it asks to be updated.  Then when I update it states that it’s software is current.  It does this almost every time I plug in.  

Problem 2, when I plug in sometimes it shows my previous backup and syncs, and sometimes it has to backup everything.  I backup once a week and it wants to back up all my files each time.  I thought this drive only backed up what was changed.

Any suggestions from anyone would be appreciated.



Smartware scan all the info looking for changes but it will only backup the new data. What version of smartware are you using?

The update might be related to the drive’s firmware.  Before running the update make sure to backup your files.  You can find more details here:  [Updating firmware on a My Book or My Passport]( bleep hEMWw%3D) 

I am running version  I tried updating the firmware and it still does the same thing.  It still wants to download all files every time I plug in.  That takes to long.  I may just toss this thing and keep using my wd dmailer sync.

It still says I need to update, then says I am up to date after I try to install.

I’m not really sure what else to do.

I was able to fix.  For your information, I had to update my java to the latest version.  We double checked my adobe flash version and my .net version.  So then we uninstalled smartware, somehow I installed and the latest 1.6.0 so we had to uninstall both.  Then updated Java, then reinstalled the latest version of smartware from wdc/support pages and it all worked.  I called support and spoke to a person rather fast and he was able to walk me through this.