Passport Essential not recognized after Computer Factory Reset

I have a WDC Passport Essential 500GB drive that continually backs up my Windows computer. I run Windows 7 Pro.
Recently I did a factory reset on my hard drive. Now my Passport won’t work. My computer shows it as hardware and says it is working properly. However when I try to set up the backup schedule, WD won’t recognize my hardware - only gives me the option to backup to Dropbox.

I prefer backups ‘in house’ instead ‘in the cloud’.

How can I get my Essential recognized again by the software?

You did what, exactly? I’ve never heard of a factory reset on a USB drive…

Sorry - the Factory reset was on my computer’s hard drive. After the reset
my Passport Essential wouldn’t work. The computer recognizes it, but the WD
software doesn’t.

I can open it and see the files, I just can’t set up a backup on it - WD
will only allow a backup to Dropbox