Passport 0740 won't show up on Windows 10

I have a Passport 0740 and I cannot get it to show up on my Windows 10 PC. It shows up as a device, but I can’t get to the files. It works on a iMac, but not my PC. After researching I went to Disk Management and tried to assign a new name to the disc, but it is not letting me do it. Please see the attached screen shot of my drives. I think the Passport id Disc 1, but that isn’t even clear to me.

@bigrock Look at the following topic and see if it helps.

I didn’t help, but I am not sure you were trying to answer my issue. My Cloud isn’t the issue. It is my external UBS hard drive Passport 0740. I can’t see my external Passport 0740 in my File Explorer so I can’t get to the files i have on it. It shows up in my devices and says it is working properly, but I can’t get to the files on it because it is not showing up in File Explorer.