PANICKED! my WD 1.5 TB Ext Drive no longer has any data? wdbaaf0015hbk-01

I have been using this drive for a few years as a back-up and to store some non-critical ebay images.

This morning my computer hung while I was doing my morning Web chores.  I had Chrome open with about 8 tabs active and my computer froze.  I left it for a while but it stayed frozen.  Even Alt-Ctrl-Del didn’t help.  I finally decided to do a hard reboot by holding the power button down on the tower.

I am running Avast! Antivirus.

Everything came up fine and I was blissfully happy.  A little while later I tried to open a file that resides on the WD 1.5 TB. The message came back that the file wasn’t found.  This is a file I use dozens of time a day, so I knew something was wrong.

I pulled up MY COMPUTER (Windows Vista Home Premium) and the computer sees the drive but when I pulled up the properties for it, it shows NOT FORMATED and no data on it at all.

Has anybody else seen this problem.  I am hoping I can at least recover the 750 GB of data that was on it.

Any insight would be very much appreicate.


Bruce “ImaPaqRat” Fisher

Hello, welcome to the community.

I’m sorry to read that you are unable to acces your information. We have pass this along to support, please check your private messages.

I hope you get an solution for your problem, sadely to say I know what might have happened.

Have always used WD’s externals, mybook from the first release (green circle), mybook blue to elements.

Uptime on all my external drives are over 5 years 24/7 - well used.

So all of my warranty is long gone so when a disc fails I usually open it up and put it internal.

Reason is that most of the externals I have “opened up” have had powerissues, few of them had bad connection inside, guess the longtime use and probably lack of cooling makes the connections tear up.

With better power supply they have worked couple of months longer.

one WD 1TB Blue is the latest to give up, diagnostics can’t find any wrong with it, but when it starts to get full the filesystem corrupts and files getting unreadable.

Long answer, but if U don’t get any solution what to do, my tip is to open it up and put it internally, not said it is the best solution, but  might work.