[PACKAGE] Cuberite, a minecraft server for My Cloud Home


Cuberite is a minecraft server written in C++.
More info on the official website


Download apk and source at github.
Install it with the WD developer utility script. The package name is org.cuberite.android.


  • worlds are currently saved to internal memory… so you can’t transfer worlds yet… to be fixed :slight_smile:.
  • use the webadmin (configure button) to get Admin rights on your server

Feedback always welcome.

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at this moment the server is functional ?, once started which is the port to connect to the server.

After the installation, click the link provided by the utility script.
It should work eventually…
The link leads you to a webpage with a large INSTALL button.
Click it and it will become a START button.
Click it and it will become a CONFIGURE button, leading you to the web UI.
You can now connect with your minecraft client on the shown ip address.

The server runs at default port 25565 and the web UI runs on port 48080.
Once you’re in the server, use the web UI (login is admin - admin) to promote yourself to the Admin role.
Then you may use commands to teleport etc.

Feel free to portforward 25565 to access minecraft from remote locations.

The server works perfect, for now it is only necessary that you can change the world for one that is already saved, and that plugin can be installed, the server does not have the folder where the data is publicly in order to access them.

Is this an official Minecraft server? Because from what I know, it’s pretty problematic to create a multiplayer server for this game. I am not familiar with coding, but I’ve recently read an article and understood that it’s not that easy to create a server. If you are interested, I can leave you the link to the article. Here it is https://minecraft.buzz/post/server-cost . But anyway, I will check out the server that you’ve shared. I am curious to find out what you’ve created and if you managed to do something qualitative.