P2P app wont upload torrent file (upload torrent error (Error code 104)

Hi just purchased an EX4 mainly for streaming video / audio and background torrent downloading so I dont need to leave the laptop running 

Twonky works fine, but I am having problems with teh P2P app in that it wont ‘upload’ a torrent file. When I select the ‘click to upload a file’ (Add torrent from file) and then select a valid torrent file from my C: drive that works fine with Utorrent I get a message - Upload torrent error (error code 104).

Anyone else seen this problem and know how to solve.

I have also tried the ‘Transmission App’ and when I select a valid torrenr file it just seems to do nothing…

Hi and welcome to the WD community.

Does this happen with a specific torrent file or all torrent files?

Seems to happen for all torrent files unfortunately.