P2P app not functioning properly / lost the queue list

Hey all - I’ve had my PR4100 for a while, and was using Transmission as a P2P app. I had been using the built-in P2P app until I had an issue. Now I want to start using it again:

When I open my P2P app, I have no queue list. I was able to upload a torrent, and see it progress from the incomplete folder to the complete folder, but I can’t see it’s progress, nor could I remove torrents from the list.

Now, I can’t add any more torrents as I think i’ve ‘maxed out’ the number of torrents I can have in the queue, but I can’t see the queue to remove them.

Does anyone know how to fix this? I did look here, and the only advice I found was to use Transmission - that’s not suitable in this case.

Thanks in advance.

You might find more comfort with Transmission Remote GUI.

I also have the same issue. Can no longer add torrents to P2P Downloads app. Transmission works ok but can’t upload files from my mobile device.

Tried everything, need a fix asap

The same thing has happened to me.

Is there no way of at least clearing the download queue?

Please WD you must be able to help here?