NZBGet and unrar


I have and EX2 and installed NZBGet. Download works well but the unpack doesn"t because it says that unrar is not found… How can I install it ? 

Thank you


Unrar is a third party application like winzip that needs to be install on your computer to open zip files (Compressed files)

You should be able to find that online sometimes for free.

Hi ERmorel,

Thanks for you reply. But I was talking about installing unrar on mycloud EX2.

Hi snice,

Unrar is includes with the nzbget App, but somewhere in one of my updates the default path for unrar got corrupted.

I have fixed this in the latest App version which should be available soon.

For now, you can fix this in NZBGet web ui, settings, unpack. Set UnrarCmd = /usr/local/bin/unrar

Sorry for the inconvenience here.

same applies to

SevenZipCmd which needs to be set to /usr/local/bin/7za