Upgrade v11 to v13 directory changes and other issues

Good news, WD EX2 has now put out an update for nzbget from v11 to v13, bad news things dont work.

So after upgrade the nzbget download directory has changed from  Public\Nzbget\dst  to just  Nzbget\dst

Problem 1 , is even after I used interface to share this folder  I cannot access it as a mapped drive from windows, says I dont have permission to access WDMYCLOUDEX2\nzbget

How do I fix this? I assume I will have to ssh into it and share it that way

Problem 2 is that unrar no longer works, when Nzbget tries to unar the download files I get the message 

Unrar: Could not start /usr/bin/unrar: No such file or directory

Where did the unrar directory go???

 Help from WD would be appreciated


ok, so I sorted out problem 2, however why I do NOT have acess to the folder , problem 1, still annoys me…any ideas???

nevermind figured it out on my own


Can you please share the solution to your issue? It may help other users in the future.

Problem 1 solution :

Since NZBGET created the new folder the access is restricted, proper folder permission not granted , not sure why NZBGET did this but anyway…

So, I deleted the new NZBGET folder and changed the pathway for file saves back to 

MainDir : /shares/Public/nzbget

now everything is back where they started and no more issues with access

Problem 2 solution :

NZBGET changes the location of UnrarCMD to /usr/bin/unrar, this is not where Unrar is located, to correct this the directory should be : /usr/ local /bin/unrar

same for the SevenZipCmd , directory location of file should read /usr/ local /bin/7za

Other than that it works great.

Kudo me if this has helped anyone :slight_smile:

Sorry HomerJ,

It was not NZBGet who did this, it was me :flushed:

For number 2, this was indeed an error on my side. I have fixed this for the next release that should be avialable for update soon (NZBGet v14.1).

For number 1. In order to meet WD’s user/security requirements I was asked to have nzbget create its own private share. You should be able to access WDMYCLOUDEX2\nzbget as user admin.

Just a heads-up. At next update if you have file and settings pointing to Public\Nzbget these will be moved and edited back to Nzbget… so you may want to chnage it all to something else to prevent it all being moved on update. i.e change this ti Public\myNzbget or similar.

HomerJ I have the same problem (number 1). I changed the dst folder to shares/Public as I could see downloads happening successfully to shares/nzbget/dst but I could not access them there. However, when I changed to Shares/Public it cannot write to the folder as it throws up a low diskspace error message. Please could you share your exact file path that worked. Sorry I am a noob

Try /shares/Public
Note the leading “/”