Nothing on network shares, but network seems ok. windows XP

I’ve spent hours on this and other forums trying to find a soltion to this, but nothing seems to apply to me.

The problem:

Nothing happens when selecting network shares on the Wd Tv

Media server shows my pc, but only files shared in the “my pictures” folder. Nothing else. I’ve tried sharing other folders, but they don’t show up. The “My pictures” folder isn’t even shared, so why that folder alone should show up is mind boggling…

Network checks out ok from the WD Tv “check network” option

My pc sees WDTVLIVE in “my networ places”.  When I double click on its Icon on the pc, i get to a web interface that supposedly let’s me change the device name on the network, nothing else…

The WDTV is hooked up via ethernet cable to a wireless router. The pc is connecting wirelessly to the router. I’ve  turne off the router’s firewall.

Anyone here to help me out? I’m thinking about taking the WDTV back to the store, it shouldn’t be this hard to set it up.

It doesn’t sound like your WDTV is actually on your network.  Keep in mind that all you are checking with the WDTV “check network” option is your connectivity to the INTERNET.  Your WDTV needs to show up as a “computer” in Explorer>Network to be on your network.  Just showing up as a media device doesn’t hack it.

Read up on Tony’s various posts concerning Master Browser, pinging, and read the FAQ, etc.  The solution to your problem is here.

hi, i just have posted an answer  at the end of the tony’s topic

I hope it will help you