No "Sleep" Mode?

So, I have just purchased a new a WD Elements Portable Drive, 3TB and noticed that it doesn’t go into “sleep” mode like my other drives do.

I have other branded drive which I got a few years ago and they always goes into sleep mode after a few minutes, heck even USB sticks do, but this WD drive doesn’t seem to do that. It just keeps powered and keeps spinning pretty much forever. Even when I had it plugged into my Bluray player, I put the player into sleep and the drive was still powered and running even when I checked on it an hour later.

Is there any way I can change this? Because it isn’t ideal. Not only for the life of the drive, but also because I have to unplug it whenever I’m done using it. Unlike my other drives which I could just leave plugged in and it’ll put itself to sleep. I would prefer if this done the same. Seems to be some setting within the drive itself, I dunno.

Starting to regret my purchase a little lol.

It’s a WDBU6 model number, if I’m reading the right thing.



There is no such settings to make the drive sleep.

Explain why my Toshiba drive turns itself off when it isn’t in use… Different type of drive or something?

I’m with SL1DE. MY WD “MY BOOK” has a sleep function. It is the “Utilities” app ver. . It does not work though. Drive just runs and runs. I can now hear it spinning! Probably not long for this world. To bad!