WD Elements 1TB USB3 for PC

Hi every one, i have a weird problem with my disk that : - the HDD work very fine. (yes i know, what im doing here if the disk work fine …) - when the disk spin down (sleep mode - 10min of inactivity), and i try to access the disk (waking it up), it won’t spin up and make weird beep sound (3 beep) - and it will not work again, except if i plug it in another computer! what i could do to stop disk going in sleep mode ? thank’s, and sorry for my bad english :stuck_out_tongue:


Make sure that the drive is connected directly to the wall outlet and that the USB cable is on the back usb ports of the computer, no power strip nor power protector.

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Hi again, it’s a 2,5" WD Elements SE Portable :stuck_out_tongue: sorry, without a charger.