No more Remote Server on firmware 2.21.126?


in many descriptions for remote backups there is an option “Remote Server” used that I can not find on my WD MyCloud (3TB, firmware 2.21.126). For example I can not follow the description at

As I am not using I disabled all Apple related stuff like TimeMachine and iTunes.

How can I get to this “Remote Server” option?



For the single bay/single drive v2.x My Cloud units there is no Remote Server option available in the Dashboard. Apparently only the My Cloud Mirror and above currently support that feature/option. This has been discussed previously in threads that can be found by using the forum search feature, magnifying glass icon upper right.

Hello Bennor

thanks a lot for pointing this out.

Possibly this should be mentioned in articles about “Remote Server”.


What articles?

We’re users here, not WD staff or article authors…