Where is "remote server" gone?

Hi all, I wonder if someone can help. I have purchase two MYCLOUD devices. l the 2TB version, they are both running firmware : 2.21.119 which is the latest one I believe.

I have one in one house (my house) and another in family members (house) and I am trying to get them to sync data together. I have followed all the instructiion here, and I am failing with “Enabling Remote Server” area of the system.

There is no Remote Server option area on either of my Cloud boxes?

Can anyone come back to me with my next options as this is where its failing - because I need to set this up and put a password on it??

Thanks in advance

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and read the ‘applicable devices’ list; it starts with the Mirror. Basic MyCloud doesn’t support remote backup.

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do you think this will be supported in future , upgrades of firmware? its a shame its not supported with this hardware.

do you think if i purchased “mycloud mirror”, i could use this one as “remote server” and keep the use the normal "mycloud product and sync between both systems? or do I have to purchase 2 x “mycloud mirror” products?