No 3G connection

hi guys have posted about this before i have no connection to mycloud over a 3G connection on my iOS device either using the WD cloud/photos apps or connecting via my web browser. everything seems to work ok on wi-fi. now i have deleted the app from my phone and started again ( groundhog day ) more than once, also reset mycloud etc, when i try to set up my phone if i try over 3G it just will not connect i put the code in and it goes into first time use but nothing the little bar that says its loading/ connecting moves a tiny bit and then nothing just back to the devices screen that says connection lost ? i have an unlimited data plan and no problems connecting to the internet over 3G, anyone have any ideas ? I’m not getting in touch with support again they’re hopeless. if i can’t resolve this issue I’m taking it back to the store tomorrow think i might try seagate

Hi, are you able to connect using a Wi-Fi connection that is not the same as the one where the My Cloud is connected?

Yes I can connect over wi-fi elsewhere it’s just the 3G that will not connect

What iOS device are you using on which cellular provider? Could be something specific to that device or cellular provider. At least one other has reported problems with 3G and iOS devices, see this link.

You may want to see the following thread. However, it is a bit out of date.