Does WD Live supports NFS? If yes, how I can get a NFS application for windows to access my folders/drive  with my WD Live? Thanks

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I’m not sure exactly what you want to do.  If you want to access files on a local drive attached to the Live that is covered in the manual.  If you want to access files on your network from the Live that is net shares (also in the manual).  If you want to do something else, perhaps you could clarify exactly what it is.

OK. I own a TViX machine. With this unit I can stream video over a LAN (cat5 cable. RJ45) using Network File Sharing (NFS) protocol. Dvico made a small windows software (TViX Netshare) where we just indicate wich folders/drives to share. And that’s all. With this I can stream video files with high bitrates without any stuttering. You don’t even need to share the folder/drive on windows, like you must do when using SAMBA.

What I want, is to know if there is any software (general NFS software for windows) that one could install it on Windows XP to share some folders via NFS protocol, and then, accessing them from WD Live.


I’m not sure why this would be any better than just sharing the folders via standard Windows protocol – in XP it only takes a step or two and the Live works just fine with it.

Because, as I said, sharing via NFS protocol is much better once you can stream files with very high bitrates without any problems. Some large files with high bitrates play with stutter even over a wired conection if using a simple SAMBA protocol.

That’s why there’s a Network File Sharing Protocol. It’s specific for streaming. Note that you cannot copy files over a Network using NFS. You just can stream the files. Ofcourse you van have a drive/folder shared with both (NFS, SAMBA) protocols at the same time.


The WDTV can use NFS shares with WDLXTV firmware (either x-mount or cifs-intercepted).  

Hanewin, Windows Services for Unix, and TrueGrid are a few for XP.

Sorry, I don’t understand.

You mean I have to install a non original FW on WD Live and then use one of those (Hanewin, TrueGrid) softwares to get NFS working with WD Live?


Well, for the record on my wired connection my NAS streams very large bitrates just as well as it could play them locally, so I still don’t see any advantage in doing anything else.

But, as the other poster notes, you can run non-standard firmware and take your own chances (support will have to come elsewhere, naturally).