Newbie - how to get thumbnails on a moviesheet theme

Hi folks,

I’ve just bought a WD TV Live box (not the hub) and I’m looking at community themes.  I’ve seen some great moviesheet themes but I don’t see any thumbnails or movie info.

The theme I’m currently trying out is:

by  harisj16.

Do the movies have to be from a particular source to generate the thumbnails?  I’m intrigued to know how it all works.

Apologies is this has been asked many times.  I spent quite a while going though the forums but couldn’t really find a definitive guide on this.

So after looking here:

It looks like the process is a manual one.  I was hoping it would get the info from an online database such as Flixter, going by the filename or something.  Maybe this is possible in the future?

Most themes require the use of Thumbgen to get the thumbs, metadata and moviesheets.   And yes, this is a manual process because most themes developed are moviesheet themes, which is not what the SMP or HUB were made to display.

However, the SMP/HUB do have an internal scraper which also gets all the data, but is not compatibale with most themes.   If you use the internal scaper though you can set it to automatically get the data.

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Hey was learning how to do it all manually on a Mac using text edit,lol that sucked! but  no one seem to know anything that could help except Thumbgen, but I don’t own a PC. Then after days of searching and trying to fiigure things out, I just happen to come across a certain post, that gave a link to a program that does it all and all you have to do is put in a video name and click search. beautiful thing is, it works for Mac and PC.  Here is the link to the original post and the program is called HubFlow and was designed for the Hub obviously. I have a WD TV Live smp and I just tried it and it works beautifully. I can’t believe with all my askings on posts  and post readings that this is the first time that I’ve hread of it. Check it out!…

Thanks Tinwarble.  Nice clear explaination :slight_smile:

Are there any moviesheet themes at all that use the internal scrapper?

Hi CeroOne,

Thanks for the info.  I’m a PC man myself and found ThumbGen pretty easy to use, so I’ll stick with it I think :slight_smile: