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This is a list of the themes that use moviesheets, each theme uses different methods to display moviesheets and you should read the Authors thread as how to implement these themes.


JoeySmyth - AEonish Hub … Stage3 ‘WIP’ Preview Release

Inspired by “Aeon” Skin for XBMC (Author: DJH)

WD Live Hub XML Modification/ Adaptation / Layout & Template Design by Me (JoeySmyth)

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(a ‘MovieSheet’ is an Image that is Created with Software (eg,Thumbgen,Tivixie) that is displayed whilst navigating/browsing media files.
User designed ‘Moviesheets’ can contain such elements as … Backdrops,Posters,Screenshots,Media Info eg. Title, Plot, Genre, Actors etc)

This Theme use’s a ‘Moviesheet’ that only contains a ‘Backdrop’ and ‘Poster’. (Which is created using Software eg.Thumbgen,Tivixie)

Media Info is generated and displayed by via the WDTV LIve Hub from a XML that resides with the media file. (XML is generated either by the Hub or Thumbgen)
eg. MyMovieFile.avi (Your Movie) MyMovieFile.jpg (Moviesheet with Backdrop & Poster) MyMovieFile.xml (Text Info about the Movie) 

Screenshots from the Downloadable Demo…


Main Password: abetapreview

It is very important to read the “ReadMe.txt” file once you have unzipped. It contains important info.

30th May 2011: Updated ‘Video Run’ Screen (the last 2 screenshots)
Extract zip and replace old video_run.xml with the new one.
Copy all images into the ‘image’ folder of AEonish Hub Theme.

11th July 2011: Info Screen for AEonish Hub Designed for Firmware 2.06.10

(earlier Firmware Revisions may/will have text alignment issues and therefore, is not recommended)


Password:  FW20610

Discontinued & Abandoned Version for Earlier FW here:

A Credit to Tinwarble for the  <text text="@@focused_title"…  code that i used in a couple of views.  Thanks :smiley:

Inspired by Aeon for XBMC original author DjH. 

Amendment : In SECTION 4 of the ReadMe … you can also use Thumbgen (Latest Version) to create the Movie xml.

(i was using an old version of Thumbgen… which didnt have the feature)

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Tinwarble - MS MOJO 1.09.01 (beta prerelease)

 This is the prerelease of MS Mojo beta.

Everything you need to use this theme is included in the zip file, including the TG template, and a Test folder.  This uses JoeySmyths moviesheet trick (that is used in his Aeonish Hub Stage 3 theme.  So a big thanks to him.

This is still Mojo though, and still does everything that it did before (and pretty much looks the same for now) except for using moviesheets to have a static background.

As said though, this is just prerelease beta version, and it is not yet completed.  I will be making changes to come, including having the ability to add the MPAA rating to your movies.  I did this with a limited release of Voodoo, and it seems to work pretty well (as long as you don’t have to clear your media library).


And a little tip, when you select the backdrop for the moviesheet in TG, make sure that you select one that is at least 1920 X 1080.  This is not required, but you will have a much better image on your TV if you go with the larger backdrops.

So here’s the download:

MS MOJO 1.09.01 (beta prerelease)

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Firetix WideSheet Themes 

Download link:  Firetix Widesheet Theme 2.0

So this theme, supports the new idea of Extremedigital(thanks to him) of using wide thumbnails.

Navigation in gallery view is much more improved and now you can set moviesheets as thumbnail for respective movies or use covertrickle sheets …

list view also supports moviesheets.

Note: See version 2.1 below

download link:

So here’s a video preview which include almost every views.


poster view(rv_large_video_browse.xml)

I am personally using this background 

in rv_large_video_browse.xml

just change the line



to set this background permanently for this view.

wide thumbs test folder:

Thumbgen wide thumbs template:

download it and just place it in thumbgen template folder…

and generate the thumbnails as you would for custom cover box…

of course you can use your own thumbnails…

i’m using the above so that it takes space on my screen

Firetix Widesheet Theme 2.1

Main changes:

The empty cover box, casing, has been replaced as follows:

if you want to change the colour to red/blue:

Blue: Red:

simply save one of the above in the theme folder i.e in  FIRETIX  WIDE SHEET 2.1\image\Gallery.

Save it as video_browse_gallery_thumbnail_f.png and re-apply the theme on the hub.

credit goes to : extremedigital, PychoTHC, Joeysmyth, tinwarble and others i’ve missed!

Mojo 1.09.04 (MS) - Moviesheet version

This is a new version of Mojo that uses the method of displaying the backgroud from local folders discovered by justmeme.  If you like this, make sure to give him some kudos for his find.

The download contains 3 folders, “Mojo 1.09.04 (MS)” which is the theme, “MS Mojo Test” which is a test folder containing fake movie files, coverart, xmls and backdrops (just place this folder at the root of the drive) and “Mojo_glass_sheet” which is the TG template for moviesheet backgrounds.

This theme uses the xml data to display the text and the poster image (the larger coverart) and the moviesheet only contains the background image, ratings, MPAA rating and file formats.

To get the moviesheets to display, you must be running the latest version of the firmware (Version 2.06.10) & you must manually edit the metadata xml file to delete the backdrops, then add the line:


If you have another version of MOJO, you don’t have to anything other than add the moviesheet and edit the xml.  If you haven’t used Mojo, then you will want to also use my coverbox templates to have the covers show up.  You can find them in the previous thread for Mojo HERE.

For those that need it you can download a Tutorial HERE.

Also, to make the moviesheet semi-static. On the HUB, select Setup, then select Photo Settings. In the Photo Settings menu, select “Slideshow Transition” and set it to “Fade”, then select “Slideshow Interval Time” and set it for “5 minutes”.

Download Link: Mojo 1.09.04 (MS)


View pic HERE.

MOJO 1.09.08 (MSP) - Moviesheet with Perspective Poster

This version does the same as the version above, but also uses a Perspective view for the Poster Coverart.  This download contains 4 folders.  “Mojo 1.09.08 (MSP)” is the theme folder, “MSP Mojo Test” is a test folder, copy it to the root of the HUB’s HD to test the theme, “Mojo_Glass_sheet” is the moviesheet template and “TW Double No Cover” is the cover box template.

To use this theme you MUST make new coverboxes for your movie thumbnails.

Download Link:  HER E


View HERE.

Double No Cover Box.


There’s a new theme in town, MOJO 1.08.06 (Official Release). Check it out in the Themes forum. IT"S GOT TRICKLE.
When in doubt, kick it really hard.

AEonish Hub BG Home Mod for Fw20610 & Fw20413

AEonish HUB Menu Backgrounds for WDTV LIVE HUB

FOR FIRMWARE REVISIONS 2.06.10 and  2.04.13


This one is for  Firmware 2.06.10

Carefully read all documentation in the provided download package.

Download Link:

Main Password:  ilovereading

This one is for  Firmware 2.04.13

Download Link:

No Passwords or Readme’s (too tired)

Got fed up, with issues with 2.06.10 … so i rolled back. Which is the reason for this new version.

Both are exactly the same (visually) on the HUB … but the coding has differences.


The “Alaska” look  Home Screen (Background can be changed on the HUB in Photos View)




20 July 2011 : Video Demonstration (new)

 (video has been cut-edited, and navigiation is deliberately slow for screenshot capture purpose)

Download available soon…

This space is reserved for future themes.

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