In simple terms - how do I get moviesheets?

My WDTV Live got delivered yesterday from and I’m pretty sure it’s generation 3.

I’ve tested a few mkv files playing off external hard drive. I used wdtv hubgen to give the cover art, thumbs and movie info. Could someone describe to me in very simple terms (as I’m a simple guy) how to get the look of the first moviesheets on this page

Many thanks

In simple terms - search the forum (stacks of info)

Try an author’s moviesheet theme and follow their guides and if you get into trouble post help in the authors thread for assistance.

Hi Joey.

I think it’s a case of too much information out there.

I’ve spent all evening setting up one moviesheet for Batman Begins to test it and downloaded AEonish Hub FR Revision 2 to try and set it up.  I am stuck where I am looking for the .wd_tv hidden folder (I have chosen to see hidden files from My Computer).  It says to map it to the internal HDD of the WDTV Live Hub.  Now, I only have the WDTV Live with an external 1TB HDD attached.  

Could you explain to me how to get the theme to show up?  I tried creating a folder .wd_tv and inside that a folder called theme but it didn’t work.

I believe my moviesheets are fine but I just need the theme to install.


ok…first things first…what theme are you using?

You might try reading this…

in a nut shell

2 devices

Hub uses .wd_tv folder

Live SMP theme gets uploaded to the device

then you have 2 ways to display moviesheets

via xml’s this is officially supported

via Linksheets this works well with the hub, but smp needs custom firmware to make this really a viable option

as for creating and setting up moviesheets

you have 2 options

  1. let the smp do it for you - media library, get content info

  2. use thumbgen on your pc to do it yourself

I suggest you start with reading the manual to get xml’s working, then you can venture out to other options if you like

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Sorry for the confusion. I only realised when I went into settings > about that I had the SMP not the hub. In my opinion it’s all very confusing!

I managed to produce a moviesheet for dark light theme last night, but going to have a play around with different themes tonight.

Thanks for the help.

Sorry, quick question - will the AEonish theme work on SMP if I have the latest firmware?