New to this- basic upload issue from iphone

Hi all,
I have just purchased the mycloud personal white storage.

I just admit it’s not particularly straight forward to use. It has uploaded (or is it downloaded) some of my 27k pics and videos from my iPhone but has missed some too.
How can I get it to re-back up my phone? It doesn’t seem to have an option in the menu. It has my recent pics and vids and some from 4 years ago but has missed lots also.

Help would be greatly appreciated

I suggest you visit the Learning Center first and figure out which WD My Cloud product you own.

My cloud not mycloud home 3tb single unit

I would install a decent file manager app on your phone, and use that to copy files. FileBrowser is pretty good.

I thought the mobile app worked pretty well, but I recently discovered it wasn’t always working; some pictures weren’t backed up.

One way to get it to re-run the process is to delete the target device from the app, and then add it back in again, specifying the same backup location. That seems to spur it into action again.

Now I use a file manager to periodically do a manual drag-and-drop backup, telling it to skip any files that already exist.

Oh, and, IIRC, on the iPhone, the app has to be in the foreground. On Android, it will work in the background.

I have. It doesn’t automatically upload my photos etc from my iPhone. The product is so hard to use. I just want to connect to the app and it starts to download my pictures. But oh no, it can’t do that. I have to uninstall the app wipe it clean and then reboot my phone onto it

CP is correct that the iPhone must be in the foreground or the transfer will terminate before all of the Camera Roll is updated. Here is a post I wrote a long while ago describing how to keep the iPhone in the foreground during uploading:

As for starting over. The MC app creates a default folder on the MC device to place the download into.

You can find this folder and either rename it or delete it, so a new folder of same default name is created. In my case, I renamed the folder to a similar name so that when I had success uploading the complete camera roll I could compare the two folders. I eventually deleted the first folder, and kept the second, successful folder of all the camera roll contents.

Thank you. I tried taking autolock Off and left my phone on all night. Nothing. What I will now do, is change the folder that it loads to like you suggested. I will let you know.

Thank you for your help. It is a shame western digital didn’t reply to my email. I don’t understand how a product can be so difficult to use. Surely as a regular person I should just be able to plug it in and get it to work on its own without having to go looking for answers