New to the scene

Hi All

First of all could I start by saying thanks already to the wealth of knowledge I have been sitting through reading over the last few days on information concerning my WD TV live. I have a few questions that I can’t seem to get answered and was hoping someone would be friendly enough to help me carry on modding/ improving my WD Live experience.

I bought my smp little over a week now and I am very impressed with the little units power, this in turn running with my NAS 2tb synology ds212j seems to be a lot better than running all my films on a little computer downstairs next to the TV.

The question I have is with modding and creation of themes, my unit I think is up to date and has firmware 1.14.09 on it, and I am looking to try out your themes.

  1. Is the wd hub different than wd TV live, as I can only find themes in that section of wd community?

  2. One of the themes uses Thumbgen, but the tutorial goes on about wd hub not wd TV live so that why I am asking the first question, also in the tutorial its goes on about mapping, is that not already done with a wd TV live when using a Nas?

  3. I have the Mochi theme downloaded from a gentleman from this scene is there an idiots step by step guide on how to modify the mochi theme, all I want really is to have the rounded view type in videos instead of the flat view you get with this theme.

4)Do I have to put/load/install onto my wd TV live thumbgen, I can view it on my PC and have tried to look at themes but seem to get lost when trying load up any of the themes I’ve downloaded even when I put them in templates folder of thumbgen.

Thanks again for all your help in the past week its been fantastic reading what you guys can do with this unit, just would like to help out by better understanding the ways on how to do it, and hopefully give back something to this community.

Thanks again for reading.:smileyvery-happy:


After much looking around i found how to do pretty much most of the answers above, sorry to have troubled you guys