New Release - My Cloud Plex DVR Version (6/6/17)

Plex has been released for WD My Cloud PR2100 and PR4100

Plex Media Server 1.7.2 is only available to PlexPass, SHIELD users and now the WD App store for PR2100 / PR4100.


  • (Web) Updated Plex Web to 3.7.0


  • (Metadata) Use 16x9 aspect ratios for 480p and 576p resolution limits
  • (MDE) Corrected codec decision to prefer AAC over MP3 when on windows
  • (DVR) Stutter during playback of remuxed DVR recordings
  • (Tags) Tags including numbers were sorted incorrectly
  • (DVR) Multiple concurrent recordings could not be made with the HDHR Dual
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