New Release - My Cloud Mirror Firmware Update 1.03.41 (6/10/2014)

WD is happy to announce the release of the My Cloud Mirror Firmware Update 1.03.41.

Please follow the instructions when doing the update, and feel free to post your questions and experiences in the My Cloud Mirror forum.  Please create individual topics for any questions that arise.  Also please note the firmware you are using in the topic.


Before updating to the latest firmware, it is recommended that you’ve installed the most recent updates and service pack on your computer.

  • For Windows, go to the Start menu and select Windows Update.
  • For Mac, go to the Apple menu and select Software Update.

Resolved Issues:

  • Supports backup to compatible USB devices using Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) and Picture Transfer Protocol (PTP).
  • Supports ability to block or allow certain DLNA devices from accessing the server.
  • Supports rescan and rebuild function for new media files to show accurate count in the web UI.
  • Supports user configurable Disk Sync Management function over USB ports.
  • Supports external USB drive to be used as a target device for Windows Backup, WD SmartWare and Apple Time Machine.
  • Supports power management with attached compatible USB devices and inactivity timer to initiate drive sleep mode.
  • Supports displaying current system log info on web UI.
  • Supports share selection in Remote Backup to be able to select multiple shares for backup.
  • Resolved problems with file transfer performance via WD My Cloud desktop.
  • Resolved issue to allow changing the admin username from Users tab.
  • Resolved issue to have option to change share permission on Admin account.
  • Resolved issue when user quota is at 90% and above an email alert will be sent out.
  • Resolved issue with P2P to save file correctly when changing torrent path on different volume.
  • Resolved issue for P2P share permissions.
  • Resolved issue with USB drives ejecting properly from UI when connected to the hub.

Click here for a complete list of updates

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