New (out the box) My Passport ultra for Mac not mounting or appearing disk utility

I have a new Passport Ultra 4TB for Mac, but when i plug it in it doesn’t mount. I can’t see it on the Disk Utility either. Am i missing something? I am running Mojave. Thank you in advance.

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Hmm, oddly enough I also have a WD 4TB external hard drive (with 3TB + of essential, one of a kind architectural image files) that all of a sudden is not recognized, doesn’t mount, and doesn’t show on disk utility…also running Mojave.
Creative Cloud and Adobe Bridge have had many hang and freeze issues in this continuing saga and I’m freaking out about the possibility that these are unrecoverable as I had just purchased new hard drives to back up these files.
WD can you assist in any way or recommend accredited WD data recovery service providers?