New MyCloudEX2 Ultra installed - NW scanner detects tons of vulnerabilities?

Just installed a new MyCloudEX2 Ultra 8TB - all went smoothly, easy setup… But my NetGear Mesh Wifi router has the in-built ‘Armor’ scanning/security suite that auto-scans new devices as they are added to the network… I’ve had dozens of different devices come thru the home in past few months (iPhones, laptops, Apple TVs, iPads, etc etc etc) with little to zero vulnerabilities ever found during that initial scan.

The MyCloud however had 140 vulnerabilities detected, from Device-lockout vulnerability, to memory corruption vulnerability, to memory overload vulnerability, admin account access vulnerability, etc etc. Since this is new and running latest (?) firmware - 5.18.117 - I’m scratching my head.

The Netgear router is the newer mesh MR60… Also at latest firmware.

The MyCloud has been left at essentially default settings during install, with a strong password provided for the admin account and cloud accounts.

Anyone seen this or have any ideas… Thanks

What firmware is the EX2 Ultra running?

The older swiss-cheese security OS/3 - - - - or the newer soon-to-be-swiss-cheese OS/5?

No OS/3 device should be on the internet in 2021.
Many, as the poster above, are highly skeptical (as both I and the poster above are) about the viability of OS/5 in short term.

Latest firmware - 5.18.117…

Yeah I was OS5 out-of-the-box… Apparently. Did not have to go thru an upgrade.

Definitely have acquainted myself with the OS3 ‘issues’, and was glad (??) to be OS5 from the start. Have had dozens and dozens of devices come thru my place and get scanned by this Netgear Armor suite built into the router - once in a while a hit gets returned - 1, 2 vulnerabilities detected, maybe - but 140? It’s the same 5-6 vulns over and over again…

I’ve heard enough noise about folks not happy with the Armor suite either (I’m agnostic - just trying it out). So not sure where the issue lay.

I guess my brain cannot conceive that 140 vulnerabilities on a brand new device at latest firmware is a valid result… So am trying to reconcile to figure out. lol