My Cloud EX2 Ultra vulnerability

My home internet was suspended today from my ISP provider after sending me a report for the second time due to suspicious activity in m my network. They don’t provide much details but I noticed suspicions network activity coming from My Cloud EX2 Ultra:

I am running the latest firmware and I have a strong password on the device. I also don’t have any app installed such as a torrent client, media server, nothing. I only use this to store documents.

Now I’m really concerned because I have important documents that I trusted the device to safely store them but it seems that I made a wrong assumption.

In order for a My Cloud on your network to be “vulnerable” as you put it, someone or something would first have to obtain access to your network which means your network is vulnerable. Install Anti-Virus Essentials from the Apps Tab, update the virus database and then run a full scan to see if there are any Trojans or anything being hosted on the My Cloud and take the appropriate actions.

I had some .exe stuff on a PR2100 a few months ago from an old Windows 7 backup that I imported from an external USB drive.