New 4100 NAS Keeps rebuilding Volume 1 on PC restart

Hi Guys, every time our main pc is switched off and restarted, the NAS shows an alert saying that its rebuilding volume 1, with 19,751 minutes to go, then same message with 1,932 mins to go, then 629 mins to go, then 0, .

Is this a prelude to a disk failure, or a software burp?

Have already done a utility check and a drive check both came up with zero errors. Any ideas, advice or guidance it’s making us nervous. Thanks.

I can’t say for sure, but I had an EX4 that did something similar a few years back. Turned out the issue was with the power adapter. Unfortunately by the time we discovered where the problem was, the RAID had failed a rebuild and I lost the data on the drive.

Lesson Learned: Always keep a backup - if you don’t have one, I’d make one ASAP considering your symptoms.

Maybe it’s better to connect your NAS to a separate power net. It sounds like they are now connected on the same socket and your PC shutdown may be introducing some power discharges.