New 2TB WD Blue showing 320GB on system

Hello guys… need help here… I just bought a new 2TB WD Blue HDD… After plug in to my PC, I switch on the PC and go into BIOS to make sure that my system can read the disk. And its was. (WD20EZEX). Then I go to the window. I open a Device manager and its was not there. System want me to select beetween MBR or GPT. Then i select GPT… after that its show… but… there only 320GB show… I make multiple check after… confirm only 320GB. Now all system read as 320GB include in the bios. Not only the model change… the serial number change too. So… any here was facing like my problem… please help me. Thanks

a 2TB drive showing as 320GB and the model and serial have changed ?

sounds fishy :confused: … a fake hard drive ?

where did you buy it ?

online purchased… its come with seal plasctic… but… i don’t know… but… the seller ask me to register the device to WD… for a 2 years warranty…

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