Network share cannot be accessed error on W7 boxes

My 3 WD TV Live boxes have been working fine for over a year until 4 days ago, when I started getting the dreaded "network share cannot be accessed " when trying to access my two Windows 7 PCs. I can still access my XP and WHS boxes fine, it’s just the W7 boxes that I can’t get to. Has anyone else ran into this recently? I’m familiar with most of the standard troubleshooting steps for this problem, but I’ve about given up. There have been no configuration changes to my network. The only possible changes I found were the normal monthly windows updates that were applied to all my PCs.

If anyone has a solution that doesn’t require re-flashing firmware or regedits, please pile on.

Have you tried resetting the media players?

are you able to test the units with a different OS?

Yes, I’ve reset them and as I said in my original post, I can still connect to my XP and WHS box.

I have the same issue, I wonder if a Windows Update reset a setting or added some security that messed things up…

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