Netgear WN111 now working on HD TV Live with firmware 1.06.15

I reported this problem over a year ago, pleased to see that it has FINALLY been resolved.

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GWDHDTVLive, thank you for your feedback. Several Users will find this information quite helpful.


Hi, i have purchased an USB Wireless adapter Netgear WN111 with no revisions as official list.

But it doesnt work, just is working it’s led but there’s nothing about wireless in network menu.

I already have installed the 1.06.15_V firmware on my WDTV  Live media player but it doesn’t recognize the wireless device.

What must i to do?

Thanks for help


Im using the wn111 v2 and it worked better in previos firmware.

In this new one it will freeze after a while and you have to disconnect power to wd player to get it to work again.

It works for watching movie but after you leave it for a while (overnight) it wont respond to remote.