Netflix Won't close properly with Firmware 2.05.08

I recently upgraded my WD TV LIVE HUB firmware to v. 2.05.08 and everything on the device works properly however this update included a Netflix update to the latest version. Since updating the firmware, whenever I am using netflix and I try to exit the application or return to the main menu I am UNABLE to close the program with one button as I was previously. Instead, I get a pop up box on the screen that is titled “UNDEFINED” and has two options, “YES” and “NO.” I have to manually select “YES” to get Netflix to close. This is a nuisance because I use a Harmony 650 Universal remote and I have all of the devices preprogrammed to turn off at the same time with the use of one button, however this function is now broken on the WD TV LIVE BOX when inside of netflix since the pop up box requires an extra step to exit netflix, which it never does and therefor the devices stays ON while the TV and receiver both turn off properly. I would like this issue fixed in the next update. This was not an issue in any previous version of Netflix or firmware. Thank you.

It shouldn’t say “undefined”; the message should read, “Do you want to exit Netflix?”.

This seems to be a bug on Netflix’s end.

However, the decision to add that extra dialog before app closure is also Netflix’s decision and probably standard to the Netflix 3.0 app across all platforms. I don’t think they will change it just for the Live range.

I use a Harmony 650 too. 

To work around this, you can use the PC software (not the myharmony web interface since it doesn’t let you do sequences as far as I know) to define a custom “Power Down” sequence.  Add the “Enter” command after “PowerToggle”. It’s under device options, Power settings or something like that.

This works like a charm for me.

Could you tell me where to add this power down sequence?  The only thing I can see is under “Adjust Power Settings” for the WD TV Live Hub I can set multiple commands to turn the device off and on, but then it has the “enter” command after I toggle the power on as well?  Do you set that up someplace different?

Thanks very much for your help!

I think you’re in the right place.

As I recall I selected “Choose different commands for power up and power down”.  It then asked me to pick a power on command and there were three options: “Use the following command [picklist]; Use a sequence of commands [picklists]” and something else (maybe record a command?) 

For Power on, I used the “PowerToggle” command only and went on (Next?).

For Power Off, I used the sequence and for the first command selected “PowerToggle” and for the second command “Enter”.

Does that help?  If not, post again and I’ll check my settings at home in more detail.