Netflix logon problem

My hub has been working pretty well lately although I’ve been afraid to update to the latest FW.  A couple of days ago I wanted to use my Netflix account and the first screen on the Netflix website was the “search” screen.  That’s not suppose to happen.  You’re suppose to get a menu that lets you select “search” or your personal queue.  Worse yet, I could find no way to exit the search function and the only way I was able to watch what I wanted was to stumble upon it while in search mode.  I reported this to Netflix and (you guessed it) they blamed the hub.  I don’t know what to think so I’m posting here to see if anybody else has had this problem.  If I report this to WD they’ll just say it’s Netflix’s problem.

Depending on the firmware you’re running (the last two or three versions?)  I would be inclined to say it is NetFlix’s issue, because they control the entire User Interface.    It’s all HTML-based; the hub displays what NetFlix tells it to display.

If your NetFlix background is GRAY, then you have the newer firmware.   If it’s WHITE, you still have the old NetFlix GUI, when might very well be a hub problem.

Is this problem still happening?