New WD Hub but no sign-in screen for netflix

I just bought a 2nd Live Hub for the bedroom.  hooked up network cables to router…hub gets internet fine, did the latest update.   But when I try to use Netflix, I get the first screen with the red banner and progress bar…but then goes to a white netlix banner with progress bar but I never get a window letting me enter my Netflix email address and password.  The progress bar just keeps going.

Netflix is working fine on other Live Hub and on my ipad but not on this new Hub.  Am i missing something?  I rolled firmware back to 2.0.8 thinking it was something wrong with 2.0.9 which I am nervous to update on my first hub.

Help?   please?  :slight_smile:


We are currently working with Netflix to resolve this problem as soon as possible.

I meant 3.0.9 and 3.0.8 firmware versions.

As of an hour ago I was able to sign on to Netflix.

Any word on a resolution or timeframe for resolution?